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We DO NOT send out any free samples, instead we are responsible for digging out the best and coolest freebies currently available on the internet and post it up as a link to share with our users. No credit card is needed, no payment, no spam, no scam.

If you have any freebies that you want to submit, feel free to contact us using the contact form at the navigation bar. Feel free to discover our website to get the latest updates of freebies. We hope you enjoy your stay here & return for more freebies, enjoy!


List Free Samples is absolutely dedicated to become the primary source for anything that is free! We will update our website every single day with a freshly batch of selected free stuff collected from the internet. So if you do not want to miss out on any of the freebies make sure to bookmark us (Press Ctrl + D) and tell your family / friends about this wonderful website.

Are all these free samples real?

It might seems impossible for people to believe that there are companies that are giving out free samples. Well, the fact is that many companies are doing so to let the public have a firsthand experience on the new or existing products. If they like it, chances are they might introduce it to their family members or friends, thus helping these companies to expand their business.

You don't have to spend the whole day searching on the internet looking for free samples of your favourite brand. Get to try all kinds of products before purchasing them! All offers are obtained from legitimate websites. We will never post anything that is suspicious or spam-alike. You will only find totally free stuff here! If you are afraid of getting thousands of spam emails delivered to your inbox every day, we highly recommend you to create a new e-mail account specially to use for signing up for freebies. This way you can sign up for free samples without any worries. Gmail is the best as it will automatically filters out any emails that look suspicious.

While all the free samples are provided for free, it is advisable to sign up for free product samples that you are interested in. This way companies can giving out their product samples to any targeted users, which is beneficial for both parties. If you really like something that you received, go ahead and purchase it at your nearby stores next time when you have finished using your free samples.

How Long Do I Have To Wait For My Samples To Arrive?

Depends on the company that sends out the products, it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks to get the product to be sent to your home address. Some companies might have discontinued the freebies giveaway when all free samples were given away. If that is the case, give them a call & ask them if they have shipped the product to your home. Otherwise just be patient & give it some time to get the free stuff that you want. Remember, patience is virtue.

Have fun & hope you enjoy your stay at ListFreeSamples.com!