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Free Dog Samples

Halo Pets

Get a printable $5.00 coupon just for signing up

Purina One Dog Food

Senequoi's limited Purina One pet food offer for dogs

Crunch 'n Clean Dog Biscuits

Dogs prefer Crunch 'n Clean Dog Biscuits 2 to 1* over the leading brand biscuit. See what all the tail wagging is about.

Scoopex : Cleaning up after your dog

The perfect tool to clean up your dog's poo

SoBe-Dog tag

Your free Sobe-Dog.com tag works anywhere in the world and assures your pet's safe return.

Kona's Chips

Have to answer few questions to prove that you are an interested dog owner, and not simply surfing the internet for free stuff

Canine Caviar Coupons

Get a free 2.2lbs bag instant coupon

Flushable amd Biodegradable Bag

Help fighting against puppy mills by requesting Flush Doggy poop bags

Breath-a-licious Green Bone

Get a complimentary medium size Green Bone at no cost

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Happy Feet Biscuit Bistro

All Natural Made At Home Dog Treats

Cheesapeak Aussie

Free Dog Food Sample

Doggy Delightz All Natural- Organic Dog Bakery

All Natural baked dog treats are sure to get two paws way up!

Free DGP Information Pack

Aches and pains reduce your dog's enjoyment of life, but all-natural DGP will bring out the puppy in your dog by supporting joint function and enhancing mobility.